Astra - coffee set

Astra - coffee set

SKU: 0004

Every occasion in life can be quietly celebrated with an espresso or a coffee.


    Composition of the set:
    •     6 double walled espresso cups with handles
    •     6 saucers
    •     6 spoons
    •     1 coffee maker
    •     1 creamer with its saucers
    •     1 sugar bowl with its spoon
    •     1 tray

    This set is specifically designed for the warm drinks:
    - espresso
    - coffee
    - cappuccino

    The special Astra thermic cup keeps the espresso hot while the set includes a coffee maker, creamer and saucer, spoons, tray and espresso cups – all you need for the total enjoyment of coffee as it is meant to be.