Baron Stainless Steel

Baron Stainless Steel


Masterpiece Collection's Drinking Sets come in beautifully packaged gift box. Elegantly presented, the box is a worthy wrapping for these jewels of table art. Bearing the Zepter insignia, the mark of the highest quality, the luxuriant appeal of the gift box will truly delight all who are lucky enough to receive a Masterpiece Collection Drinking Set as a special gift.


  • Set components

    The main set includes: 

    1 big bowl

    6 small bowls

    6 champagne cups

    6 saucers

    1 tray

    What we suggest serving in each part of the set:

    Big bowl:  Fruit salads• Prawn cocktails• Compote• Fruit• Small cakes

    Small bowls: Fruit salad• Compote• Ice-cream• Pudding• Different types of appetizers (peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, crackers…)

    Baron simply attracts ideas and inspires everyone who revels in table aesthetics. You cannot help but notice its beauty; it almost challenges you to discover new solutions for your table.

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