Imperial Gold Bordeaux Coffee Set For 6 Persons

Imperial Gold Bordeaux Coffee Set For 6 Persons


Imperial Gold Bordeaux range: the magnificence of bordeaux and a richness of drawing perfectly blend in this collection, crossed by gold motifs and framed by a white background. A gorgeous representation of imperial beauty.

  • Advantages

    Zepter’s Masterpiece Collection is made exclusively using hard-paste porcelain, which is resistant even to steel scratching: due to its high kaolin content (50-55%) and the low admixture of quartz and feldspar (20 and 30% respectively). This kind of porcelain can be fired at very high temperatures, up to 1,350-1,460°C.
    Zepter’s Masterpiece Collection respects the original method of porcelain production, which dates back to the beginning of the XVIII century when Johann Friedrich Böttger refined the formula invented by the mathematician and scientist Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus and, experimenting with Dutch colleagues, laid the foundations for the modern manufacturing process. This was a great step forward, since until then China had been the sole producer of porcelain: this was shipped to Europe exclusively by the Dutch East India Company, and represented wealth, prestige and peerless refined taste…
    Now, in the XXI century, Zepter has brought porcelain back to its original splendour and exclusivity, that gives a royal elegance to any table, and turns an everyday occasion into a celebration.

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