La Perle Decor Gold

La Perle Decor Gold


Masterpiece Collection’s Drinking Sets come in beautifully packaged gift box.

Elegantly presented, the box is a worthy wrapping for these jewels of table art.


    La Perle - A luxuriously glowing pearl

    At the beginning of the third millennium, champagne has almost become a cult. No important celebration takes place without the magical sparkling sound of this drink.
    However, it is of the utmost importance which type of glasses will be used to serve this noble drink. It calls for the best – Zepter glasses. 
    Only in Zepter glasses can your favourite drink receive the appreciation that it truly deserves. 

    Composition of the set:
    •     6 champagne glasses
    •     6 saucers
    •     1 special ice bucket
    •     1 tray