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Zepter’s state-of-the-art technology, the use of the best, most expensive materials ensures that vitamins, minerals, and proteins in foods are preserved, while natural flavours and aromas are enhanced and maintained – healthy and tasty. Moreover, the food neither shrinks nor is wasted; it does not stick to the pot, does not get burned, has no toxic fats, contains no acrolein and is not carcinogenic. It also looks better, since its colour, shape and texture are preserved.


    316L is non-porous, does not burn food, does not retain food odours, and does not change colour. Moreover, it is maximally neutral, causes no allergies, and is easier to use, clean and maintain. This material is used exclusively when there is a demand for the highest quality: in medicine, for body implants, prostheses, surgical instruments; in the industry of luxury goods industries, for the production of exclusive watches, cars and yachts. Zepter's superior metal 316L is ideal, and the only choice, for proper healthy food preparation, for a better and longer life.

    Patented Accuthermal Compact Bottom, the heart of Zepter’s method for preparing healthy food and responsible for saving up to 70% on energy consumption, is joined to the body of the pot by a machine that exerts a pressure of up to 2,000 tons (with no gluing or soldering), making the bottom indestructible and compact. Finally, Zepter’s Radio Digital Thermocontrol enables a completely automated cooking process from beginning to end.

    Zepter cookware will save you up to 50% time, up to 70% on energy bills, between 30% and 50% of food as there is no shrinking of food and loss of nutritional value, but above all, it will protect your health.