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The grill is expertly constructed from superior Zepter Metal 316 L with a pyramid shaped embossed inner bottom layer making grilling without fats effortless and enjoyable. Those esthetically pleasing nodulations will leave the grill like marks on steaks, fish, poultry, kebabs, potatoes, and vegetables - but without the toxic smoke of traditional grillers.


    Zepter Accuthermal Compact Bottom: Constructed from 3 layers of different metals, this allows cooking at low temperatures thereby retaining accumulated energy even when the heat source has been reduced or switched off. This extraordinary property additionally saves on energy consumption and is of course healthy as it prevents the loss of precious nutrients.
    The Quadra Walls: Standing at 1 millimetre thick, the walls heat up much slower than the bottom of the pot. This ensures that the hot air inside the utensil condenses upon reaching the cooler lid creating steam, which is essential for the Closed Circle Cooking process. Food is therefore simmered at a constant temperature below boiling point.
    Cool-Touch Handles: Their unique construction and light-weight makes handling the pot confortable and easy. They can also be used as a lid stand to save space and if a handle is accidentally damaged, it can be easily replaced.
    Stacking System: Combine the Grill with other Quadra cooking elements in the stacking system and cook a number of meals simultaneously on one hob ‑ saving time and energy. The stacking system also allows for optimal utilisation of storage space: no more cluttered kitchen shelves.
    The Quadra System Bowels: The bowels are an attractive add-on and can serve many purposes; washing and preparing ingredients, cooking within the system, food serving and food storing.
    Multi functional, economical, fast, easy, healthy and tasty: Medical research has proven that an unhealthy diet is the main cause of all the most serious chronic diseases in the world today, (the obesity epidemic, hypertension, cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes and cancer). An unhealthy diet, completely flawed food preparation and bad quality cookware is the main cause of heart disease, the number one killer in the world. We unnecessarily boil vegetables in water and fry food at high temperatures in dangerous overheated fats. Fortunately, Zepter Masterpiece Cookware is the perfect solution.

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