Imperial Gold Coffee Set 15 Pieces For 6 Persons

Imperial Gold Coffee Set 15 Pieces For 6 Persons

Imperial Gold delicacy and purity emerge from this range, where crème, gold and white seem to be the different expressions in warmth of a unique original hue. A set where gold stands out in a marvellous tone-on-tone effect.
Coffee Cup
Coffee Saucer
Sugar Bowl
Coffee Pot
  • Product Advantages

    Beauty born in fire

    In order to produce its exclusive porcelain, Zepter works solely with “in-glaze” and “on-glaze” techniques.
    During the “in-glaze” fire manufacturing process, a ground colour is applied indirectly to the dishware using anti-adhesive paper, by means of screen-printing, and then fired at 1,250°C so that the colour can sink into the re-liquefied glaze, thereby acquiring its unmistakeable gloss. Subsequently, the “on-glaze fire” procedure takes place: the motifs (Zepter’s Royal, Imperial and Black & White) are painted by hand, with or without gold decorations, and the porcelain pieces are fired at 840°C. As implied by the name, the decoration is thus “on the glaze”.
    The final stage involves gold hand-painting using a 22-carat gold thinner, which is of a brownish colour before burnout as a result of the oils and additives used; the edge details are then applied by brush. This procedure is called “gold fire” and is carried out at 800°C. Similarly, the handles, decorations and borders are exclusively painted on by hand. This craftwork is very specialised, and is passed from painter to painter through decades of learning. Compared with standard porcelain make in each single production phase (i.e. the motif and the gold decorations are applied during the printing pressure process), the difference and absolute superiority of Zepter’s Masterpiece Collection is evident in every detail.

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